How To Reduce Workplace Injury by Sorting Maintenance Equipment

How To Reduce Workplace Injury by Sorting Maintenance Equipment

When you’re dealing with any type of aviation maintenance equipment, whether it’s a 24 volt power supply or even a basic battery pack, it’s crucial that you emphasize safety above all else. For one, you’re working with an aircraft that requires continuous maintenance in order to keep it safe in the skies. Secondly, if you have a team working alongside you, you’ll want to ensure that they all remain safe when you’re all working together.

Stay Organized

Keeping your team, and tools, organized remains an essential part of your entire maintenance plan. Construct a schedule that’s both consistent and designates each member of your team to a certain task. It’s important that each member of your team works together in an orderly fashion. This reduces the chances of any issues occurring during your work shift and can even improve your overall ground power maintenance efficiency.

Tools Need to Be Allocated Accordingly

Whether it’s a simple portable battery pack or something more advanced, you’ll want to designate specific areas to place them. If you fail to do this, you could end up with broken or malfunctioning equipment being placed in the same area as brand new equipment, potentially causing havoc and damage to the plane itself.

For instance, let’s say you have a ground power unit from Start Pac and another from a different company. What differentiates the Start Pac unit from the other one? Does it produce a different amount of voltage? Is it limited in any way whatsoever? Go down the checklist and make sure your team knows the differences between the two units so they can utilized appropriately.

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