How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Our Website?

When people arrive at our website, they can be a mixed crowd with many different expectations. In this case, we should know that pleasing everyone is rather difficult to do. In fact, it can be quite fatal trying to do that. The best way to make sure that our website can survive is by focusing only on a single consumer group. We should cater to the proper area of business. If we have a varied audience, it is important to have a clear strategy to attract the right kind of people. Dedicated group of consumers could be important to the long-term viability of our online business. Even if we sell generalized products, it is not always possible to deal with so much requirements, needs and wants. In this case, our website could have a hard time catering for everyone.

In this case, we should identify the biggest segment of preference and we should focus on it. After we are able to do that, we can continue with the second biggest segment. It is a good idea to create different landing page for each segment of preferences.  This is an important step to consider, because we will be able to prepare different content for each group of people. We should get enough traffic before we know whether our SEO strategy is working. The focus is to determine the location of our visitors. If we have targeted traffic to our website, there’s a fair chance that people will stay longer to read or buy our product. People will make the right decision if they find content that they want. We should know whether it’s really necessary to get listed high in the search result.

Obtaining high position may not be a good thing, if we continue to have poor sales. In general, we should get listed at high position for primary keywords. So, if people type the name of specific product, the first thing they see is our website. There are many ways we can do to improve website conversion and one of them is by making customized landing pages for people who have different preferences. This is an important part of our strategy to improve the overall sales. It is important to know that we can’t rely too much on search engine algorithms. There is still a possibility that major search engines update their algorithms and this will have significant effects to our overall traffic. Strategic linking is necessary, but it should be aimed to get better results with search engines.

In order to reduce bounce rate, we should work hard to increase the relevance of our website. If people think that our content is highly readable, this will have impact to our visibility. Our website can become highly relevant if it is consisted of different landing pages. Our message should be clear enough and we shouldn’t try too hard by attempting to cater to everyone. It means that we should focus better on our messages, in relation to things that our visitors want. If possible, we should try to focus more on our audience and this will result in increased visibility for our website.

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