How To Properly Light Your Business To Keep Employees and Customers Safe

When you consider office safety, the ergonomics of keyboards and chairs are often the first concerns that come to mind. Being mindful of safety parameters also includes the lighting. Illuminating a space allows the customers and employees to move around without any injuries. Explore your options when it comes to properly lighting your business every day of the week.

Clear, Overhead Lighting

Recessed lights behind opaque covers allow light to scatter across a work area for the best lighting coverage. Fluorescent lighting with long tubes within the ceiling panels are classic ways to light an area too. Avoid lights that create blinding situations, such as track lighting. The bulbs must be covered so that the light scatters without inadvertently blinding anyone walking nearby. If any shadows persist in an area, add more lights to eradicate the darkened sections.

Remove Visual Obstructions

Your office may have many plants and unique decorations, but don’t let them become visual obstructions. If you have a cubicle layout, plants and other obstacles cannot line the intersections where pathways reside. Both customers and employees can collide at these junctures. As an alternative, add extra lighting and mirrors at the junction so that everyone can see who is moving in which direction. The flow of people between cubicles and fax machines can be safer and more controlled with these lighting and mirror features.

Out in the Parking Lot

Slip-and-fall accidents aren’t limited to an office’s interior spaces. The parking lot is a prime area for accidents, especially if the business is open after dark. Prioritize lighting in the parking lot where bright, floodlights fill the area with synthetic sunlight. These lights also create a safe area as customers and employees move between the interior and exterior spaces. Because every business wants to avoid slip-and-fall accidents, exterior lighting covering every inch of a parking lot is critical.

Lighting for Signage

Signage around your business must be lit during the day and night. Exit, restroom and caution signs should be easily seen as people walk down a corridor. Customers benefit from lit signs so that they can find their way through an office setting. Certain hallways may be for employees only, which should be properly labeled with brightly lit signs. Safety is easily managed when people know where they’re allowed to go within a business setting.

Proper lighting also gives rise to any hazards in the area. Water puddles and other floor hazards can easily trip up anyone walking nearby. Make proper lighting a priority, and you’ll see fewer injuries in the future.

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