How to Determine the Best Suitable Development Platform for your Ecommerce?

So many advancements have been made in the IT world, and lots of options have come up that can evolve your business. Website app development technology is one of such advancements used by more companies for better growth in their business. Both business app or web development are changing with the speed in the industry due to their dynamic nature. There are so many different sized web development companies in India working on distinct technologies to develop the websites that are now most successful ecommerce. In such situation, companies need a viable technology for the development process. To determine the best ecommerce platform, there are top considerations that company should make.

If you are running a development process for business application or web application, you must pick the latest platform trending at that time. You can definitely meet your goals with a solid platform, smart design and regular updates. There are distinct types of E-commerce platforms and you need to look at all the options available to you. There are some platforms providing more customization than others and some offer less coding experience. In this blog post, we will guide you to determine the best ecommerce platform by going into deeper detail.

There are two types of ecommerce platforms-

• CMS (Open source)
• Online ecommerce platforms

Open source CMS (content management systems) lets the average website owner to upload a script to their server. Drupal and WordPress are the best open source systems that developers can integrate and use for ecommerce. The CMS systems need limited coding knowledge as per the requirement of customization. Open source platforms are available free of cost.

Is there any benefit of using CMS?

Since everything is not pre-installed for you, open source CMS empowers the average website owner or designer to customize the website. A developer may introduce a SSL certificate on few pages, select any payment method of his choice, and create multiple directories Web designer is able to customize a business store further with the help of CMS system.

E-shops ensure more security and offer simpler solutions for the average business owner. E-shops offer monthly affordable plans for distinct budget volumes. Ranging from basic to advanced plans, a developer can use pre-installed components for selling services online.

Major development platforms that developers use are as under-

C#With a proper knowledge of C# language, developers provide the most effective solution. You can avail business services with the development tools and technology. C# language also helps in increasing the accuracy, performance and work efficiency.

PHP – it is an open source scripting language used for developing dynamic, database-driven websites.

Angular JS – AngularJS offers web and mobile app development with affordability.

There are a lot more languages such as – Magento, HTML5, SQL programming, swift application, etc.

What are the top ecommerce platforms for your business?

Shopify – It is one of the best e-commerce platforms that can be used for selling products and services online. Shopify features customizable layouts, sales tracking dashboard, and social media integrations.

Drupal – It is an open source ecommerce platform that offers businessmen a range of advanced payment modules and customization methods.

Bigcommerce – Bigcommerce provides solutions to every sized business. Whether you are running a small scale firm or a large scale enterprise, you can avail reasonable price ranges with Bigcommerce. It also offers an option for custom pricing for bigger enterprises.

SquareSpace – It is also a great platform featuring pre-built templates for business owners. An average business owner can sell unlimited products without paying any fee through SquareSpace.

Weebly – Weebly brings a simple solution for developing custom e-commerce stores. The easy to use website builder will let the owner to create a store instantly and for this he doesn’t need any coding experience.

Wix – Wix is among the affordable solutions that are suitable for small businesses. Using Wix’s pre-built templates, small business owner can create an online store. He can also avail drag and drop feature that makes it simpler for him to change the layout of the website.

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