How to Advance Your Career in Environmental Law to New Heights

As an environmental lawyer, you might be unsure of how to advance your career. By taking some additional educational classes or partnering with people who have a doctorate degree in environmental science, you could take your work to new heights. Try these four tips for advancing your career in environmental law.

Earn a Degree in Environmental Science

When you are already a practicing lawyer, consider going back to school and taking more classes in environmental science. You might even consider earning a degree in environmental science. The classes you take will prepare you to understand the scientific methodology, environmental processes and other issues that could be useful to you in litigation, negotiation, or court cases.

Connect With Environmental Scientists

Consider regularly meeting with environmental scientists. Your law firm might benefit by hiring an in-house environmental scientists to provide professional advice to the legal team. Another option could be to have a contract with an environmental science consulting firm to keep the law partners up-to-date with facts, important current environmental issues and research.

Stay Up-to-date With Relevant Literature

You could also advance your career in environmental law by staying up-to-date with relevant literature. Consider subscribing to several journals related to environmental research studies and methodology. You could get a digital subscription, which makes it easier to search for topics that are of interest. Be sure to save or archive the articles that could be useful in your practice. With each new study, more information is found. The new information could be useful to your law practice.

Watch for Proposed Rules and Regulations

It is always a good idea to be on the lookout for new proposals for environmental rules and regulations. You may need to look to associations, business groups and organizations to get this news. Your law firm could subscribe to the newsletters of state and federal representatives and senators to get information about what might be going on in government. This is also a good way to stay on top of proposals to repeal legislation that is related to the environment.

To succeed in environmental law, you must always be alert and ready to act. What seems like a small study or tidbit of information could be a career-changing event. Be prepared to never stop learning about environmental science, the law and the areas where they intersect. By being willing to question the status quo and listen to other experts, your law career could go to great new places.

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