How to Achieve Excellent Customer Service

It is no secret that customers of any business can often be difficult to deal with, especially when unhappy. This can sometimes be because they are pernickety, or because they have a legitimate concern over the product/service they have been given. Even if they simply want to make an enquiry, here are some tips to improve your customer service.


First and foremost, you must be able to listen to the customer to know exactly what it is which they need from you. It sounds simple, but it is all too easy to switch off when a barrage of information comes your way from a potentially dissatisfied customer.

Therefore, you must try to gather all the information you need to effectively deal with whatever the customer needs. Any business owner should also listen to customer feedback to help improve customer service in the future. If a customer feels they are being listened to, then it will make them feel valued and even enthusiastic about your business.

Be Professional

Always approach customer enquiries with calm and logic, working to get everything sorted as quickly as possible. You must also be friendly and polite with your answers, and give the customer all the reasonable time they need. A customer will usually have a positive experience if they feel someone calm and polite is talking with them.

It also makes sense that, if a customer’s enquiry is beyond your expertise, you should refer them to someone with the knowledge and experience who could better serve them. This way you will avoid sending them on a wild goose chase and they will be much happier as a result.

Know Your Product/Service

You must be well versed in your business’s product or service, and be able to comfortably talk about it. If, for example, a customer was to ask about the ‘effective same day delivery through TNT’ service, you should be able to tell them roughly how long it would take and how much it would cost.

This forms part of the professionalism needed to serve customers swiftly and effectively. If you have the authority to talk about a subject and enlighten the customer, you will be well equipped and feel more confident when talking to them.

Most of these points are common sense, but they do need to be adhered to nonetheless if a business is to succeed and grow. As long as you are always friendly and do your best to serve a customer, you can’t go far wrong.

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