How Single Parents are Earning their Degree

Time management is a challenge for most people today. This reality is especially true for single parents. Raising a child, maintaining a career and enjoying a social life proves difficult to do in a 24 hour period. So, how do single parents earn degrees? Some of them achieve this goal through online colleges, part-time jobs and grants. These avenues offer single parents a way to go to school in a responsible manner.

Online Colleges

Attending an online college is popular among single parents. These institutions offer them an opportunity to receive an education during off hours. They can take a course in the evening or early morning. This suits single parents well because they can work an eight hour job, care for their child and then, while he or she is in bed, go to school in the comfort of their home. With this in mind, many online colleges create courses for single parents or older adults. The teachers understand their students are busy and have a lifestyle that differs from someone fresh out of high school. There are all kinds of online programs for working adults that would be a great option for those looking to work in healthcare.  

Part-time Jobs

Working a part-time job offers single parents a chance to earn money while obtaining a degree. These industrious men and women forgo a few luxuries in order to gain the knowledge necessary for a better life. For some, this choice is way to move up in their current employment. There are companies that pay for education and, after the employee graduates from college, promotes him or her to a higher position. This method allows them to retain their work base. It-s a win-win for both parties.

Grants and Scholarships

Obtaining a grant or scholarship provides single parents a path towards a degree, but with less stress. These designations often provide funds to cover food, clothing and housing. As a consequence, recipients don’t have to work. Their focus can be only on school. For many, this serves as a relief. They don’t have the usual distractions that keep their peers from getting a college degree. Fortunately, getting a grant or scholarship is easy for single parents part of niche groups or seeking degrees in specific fields.

In conclusion, single parents are earning their degrees through three venues: online colleges, part-time jobs and grants and scholarships. Their status no longer is a roadblock to obtaining higher education. And, depending on what means they choose, single parents are able to get a degree

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