How Crowdsource Software Can Resolve Key Customer Service Issues

No business can survive without excellent customer service. It has long been known that it is more important in terms of defining a brand than what products and process are. Indeed, almost 100% of consumers say that they focus on customer service when choosing a brand. All businesses must also innovate in order to remain relevant, and this must be linked to the overall customer service experience. This is where crowdsource software can come in.

Crowdsource Software Defines Customer Service

Commerce has changed tremendously. Every consumer must be seen as an individual who doesn’t just buy a service or product, but rather who buys an experience. Crowdsource software can be used to capture what consumers hope to experience in that. This has led to the identification of seven key trends:

  1. A personalized experience. Studies have shown that around 85% of consumers would be happy to pay more for a better experience. Enabling customers to access crowdsourcing software so that they can discuss what they expect is a great way to identify how an experience can be improved. And the added benefit is that doing so immediately means more personal communication is put in place.
  2. Self-service. Consumers spend a lot of time researching products before they buy, and they want to do so without interference from businesses. Crowdsource software enables customers to tell you what else they want to see: blogs, FAQ pages, better social engagement, and so on.
  3. Multi-channel support. Once upon a time, people could come to the customer service desk or, in some cases, telephone. Today, customers expect more. Crowdsourcing software is a means of communication that should be added to a business’ arsenal.
  4. Consumers want to interact with the businesses they buy from. They want to be a part of it. Through crowdsourcing software, you can give a degree of ownership of the brand to the consumer, thereby instantly improving your image.
  5. Quick delivery. Consumers want everything to be delivered rapidly. If they order a product, they want to receive it as soon as possible. But they also want responses as soon as possible. Crowdsourcing software makes that possible, not in the least because it is about having that instant satisfaction.
  6. Analytics of satisfaction. This is a strong business benefit. Crowdsourcing software allows you to analyze how happy and satisfied consumers are, and you can use this to drive innovation, thereby further improving overall satisfaction.
  7. More artificial intelligence (AI). Last but not least, people like AI. Crowdsourcing software is a form of AI, particularly because it can be developed to learn as it goes along. Issues such as a need for 24/7 customer support have all been identified through these types of platforms.

These seven issues must all be addressed for a business to remain relevant and popular with its customers. Investing in crowdsourcing software can address all of those issues. It brings together the business and its customers, improving communication and ensuring the business can innovate and remain relevant.

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