Excelsior College Offers Degree Options for the Indecisive Student

Although most Americans spend a third of their lives at work, a recent study revealed that only 52.3 percent report satisfaction with their job. If you’re in college, deciding what degree to pursue can seem stressful and overwhelming. Here’s how indecisive students can choose a degree that won’t limit their career choices.


If you’re looking to make a significant impact on the lives of others, a nursing degree is perfect. Along with saving lives, a nursing degree can help you learn professionalism, broaden your career options, and increase your salary potential.

Some nurses earn their BSN in nursing in four years, while others pursue an associate degree in nursing. Becoming a registered nurse often takes roughly two to three years, and accelerated bachelor’s programs allow nurses to obtain a degree in as little as two years. Excelsior College offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in nursing that are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Automotive technology

A growing number of career options are becoming available for those working in the automobile industry. As a result, automotive, diesel and collision repair academic programs are another great degree option for the indecisive. According to College Recruiter, a degree from an automobile school essentially guarantees a job in the field.

Automotive technology programs are designed to prepare students for ASE Automotive Certification and Collision Repair Certification. Certification in these programs takes three semesters and teaches students how to repair and refinish automobiles damaged from collisions. Students also learn how to perform specialized diagnostic tasks, service the latest vehicles, and provide quality customer service, preparing them for a wide range of careers in the industry.


With the growing prevalence of technology, a communications degree is becoming increasingly useful. According to a recent study, a lack of communications skills was the biggest issue employers had with recent college graduates. In the corporate world, college graduates are often tasked with giving presentations, sending important emails, and attending meetings.

Communications programs promote the development of communications skills through platforms like public relations and advertising. Excelsior College offers courses in human communications, interpersonal communications, and communication in everyday life. Ultimately, communications majors develop career-related skills that allow them to flourish in any field.


Engineering majors face great job prospects and high starting salaries. Engineering was one of the most popular majors in 2014 to 2015, with nearly 100,000 engineering students obtaining bachelor’s degrees. Despite growing numbers, engineering graduates remain in high demand.

An engineering degree can provide you with specialized electrical and computer skills, as well as the ability to manage the development of products. As an engineering graduate, you’ll be qualified to work for a number of technical positions, including product development and technical sales.

In addition to technical skills, an engineering program will provide you with key problem-solving skills. Engineering involves using scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems. As an engineering major, you’ll be able to choose an area of specialty to gain hands-on experience.

Computer science

A degree in computer science is ideal for anyone looking to enter into the tech field. Computer science is a broad subject and can help you qualify for many positions in the tech field. Computer scientists make an average of about $87,000 a year and enjoy a projected job growth rate of nearly 12 percent.

Computer science programs are primarily centered around learning how to program. Depending on your choice of concentration, you’ll also be able to take classes on other subjects, such as artificial intelligence and digital system design. For instance, Excelsior College offers computer science programs specializing in cybersecurity and information technology.

All in all, finding a fulfilling career is key to happiness and mental well-being. These majors provide students with important career-related skills, preparing them for a number of positions within each field.

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