Document Translation Services-Tips for you!

Document translation is a topic that has many facets. We have discussed the broad and diverse manner that is involved in document translation services. Today Universal Translation Services decided to write up an article merely discussing the art and science of translating a document.

Basic Principle:

The fundamental principle of document translation is that the highest standards have to be met in the process of translation. You are translating an office produced document to be submitted to another office. Any slight discrepancy and you will have to answer to the client about accuracy because his entire business depends on it.

For Example:

Some phrases have different literal and metaphorical meaning, and you have to make sure that you go in the metaphorical sense. It is because you are responsible for the text and you have to make sure that reader does not get confused. If you give them the literal sense and not the metaphorical one, then you will have a hard time explaining the misinterpretation. But it is also your responsibility to translate the sentence literally because if you engulf the literal meaning completely, then you have taken away the reader’s right to know the other definition that same phrase could have.


This is one of the many things that can go wrong in the translation process and other items are dependent on the project at hand. If you are translating a religious document, you will find many words that will not have an adequate translation in the target language. If you are translating a legal document, you will discover numerous legal phrases that cannot be adequately translated. For example, to get a certified birth certificate translated and accepted by the federal and local goverment agencies, all the information included in it need to be crystal clear, otherwise these won’t get accepted.

The Solution:

Universal Translation Services loves to share solutions with you but this one does not have any simple ones. The translation process heavily depends on the adaptability of the target language, and it is up to the translator to decide how to handle the situation. Many times translators transcribe the term in the target language, and it looks completely different from the original word. Other times, translators come up with phrases that will adequately communicate the meaning, but the adequacy will be debatable.

Our Point:

Our point is rather simple; with some texts, it is complicated to get the right translation, and then there is an argument to be made that there is no such thing as a correct translation.

Our solution:

When you give us a document for translation, take a good look at your content and give us details of how you want the translation to be done. We have written various articles that discuss what kind of specifications you can provide to us. We will be obliged to follow your provided instructions, and it eases our mind a great deal.

Providing accurate document translation services largely depends on the client and the communication between the client and the translator, and this is why our project managers are doing their best to get as much information from the client as possible, as we do the translation based on that information.

We feel happy when our client loves our translation and stands by it in front of other individuals. If you tell us more about what you like, we will be able to serve you better.

We are here, give Universal Translation Services a call!

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