Business Sense: How Marketers Hone In On Customer Interests

Business Sense: How Marketers Hone In On Customer Interests

Achieving great results from your marketing efforts can seem elusive and costly, but there is more than pure luck required to generate results from your campaigns. The best marketing professionals consistently produce fabulous results for their clients or employers through different strategies and factors. With a closer look at what it takes to succeed in marketing, you may be able to re-strategize your efforts.

A Thorough Understanding of Marketing

First, your business should be using experienced and well-educated professionals to run its marketing campaigns. An MBA with a focus on analytics or marketing is one of the top credentials you should look for when hiring an in-house professional or when looking for a marketing consultant. This professional also ideally will have several years of real-life work experience and a proven track record of success. Industry-specific experience is best, and this is because it demonstrates that the marketer understands the target audience and how to reach them.

Analyzing User Data

Even the most well-educated marketing professionals will be flying blind with their strategies and efforts when they do not have accurate, reliable data from their target audience. Netflix, for example, takes user recommendations to offer suggestions about movies and shows that an individual may prefer. This is a carefully designed algorithm that is used to customize marketing to the individual, and it has proven to be very effective for Netflix. Adopting a similar use of data in your own business’s marketing plans may help you to improve the results from your efforts.

Keeping in Touch with Customers

Your target audience is not a static entity. It may get older, more mature and more conservative over the years. Economic or political turmoil may adjust views or needs dramatically in a short period of time. As some customers get older and move out of the market segment, younger customers become the new target audience. This new generation may have far more unique views, opinions, preferences and more than their predecessors. The successful marketer will never lose touch with who the audience is and understands that it may constantly be changing.

Marketing is as much an art as it is a science. You definitely need to have real data and know how to analyze it to create a thoughtful marketing plan. However, you also need to have experience and education in order to know how to take an effective and creative approach. Your selection of the right marketing team will go a long way toward helping you to produce desired results.

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