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Business Casual: What Does Comfort Have To Do With Productivity?

When you’re working, you want to be as comfortable as possible. When you’re comfortable, it’s easier to focus on the work that you’re doing instead of worrying about how you feel and what you’re thinking about. If you own a business, offering a relaxed dress code might deliver a better turn around when it comes to the attitudes of the employees, which can mean more money being made for the company. There are also several other things that you can do to make the atmosphere more comfortable. Here are just four of those things that you can offer.

Physical Comfort

Your clothing and shoes can make you want to keep working or make you feel so miserable that you just want to go home. Some businesses have a dress code. This means that you have to wear certain clothing or a certain kind of shoe no matter the season. This can be uncomfortable for some, especially if pants are required in the heat of the summer. If you’re wearing clothing that is a bit loose and gives you room to easily move around, then you can get more done. Wearing clothing that matches the season will also be a benefit as you won’t get too hot or cold when you’re trying to get a job done. Speaking of the heat, though, it’s important that the temperature in your office buildings is regulated. If you find that your buildings are always too warm for comfort, then you may want to either ease up on the dress code or contact an air conditioning specialist, such as one from Ragan Mechanical Inc, to help improve your AC system.

Social Comfort

It’s important that your employees are comfortable with each other. Of course, relationships cannot be forced and have to come naturally. However, you can encourage a vibrant social atmosphere by hosting activities that help teams interact with each other, build unity and learn together. You can also help teams get together with other teams in fun activities so that they can become more comfortable with each other as well. The purpose behind this is to boost productivity as people are more likely to utilize each other if they feel like they have a good relationship with them already.

Emotional Comfort

Along with social comfort, emotional comfort is very important too. As a manager, CEO, or other business leader, you should get to know what stresses your employees out. Do they have any personal concerns—such as extreme OCD, anxiety, etc.—that might require them to work a different way? By learning what each employee’s issues are, you’ll be able to build an environment where everyone feels emotionally safe and, therefore, is more capable of being productive.

Aesthetic Comfort

If you work in an office setting, then the arrangement of the desk and the overall look can be a make or break situation for productivity. Lighter colors in the environment can put people in a cheerful mood instead of colors that are darker and tend to have a depressing effect on the attitude.

The work environment needs to be one that is safe, but it also needs to be one that is comfortable for employees. If workers are thinking more about their clothing and the atmosphere, then it can be hard to get anything done. The business should be one that lets employees have a decision about the clothing to an extent while ensuring that everyone is safe in the business at the same time.

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