Broaden Your (Internet) Horizons

Broaden Your (Internet) Horizons

The Internet powers our lives today. Whether we use it to chat with friends over the phone, or to download important software for work, the Internet is a major connecting link with the outside world.

And yet, many of us continue to suffer at the hands of bad network reception and even worse data plans. You might have a stuttering dial-up Internet connection, but you might as well not bother having one at all!

Slow speeds and bad reception

If you surf the Internet for work and pleasure, then you need lightning fast speeds with a premium browsing experience. Unfortunately, most Internet service providers today do not offer high speeds, and downloading even basic web pages takes a long time. Your dial-up connection may be slower than others, and slower speeds can be frustrating when you are racing towards a deadline or want to watch a movie.

You might also enrol for a monthly plan that is not feasible for you. Many service providers pitch higher priced packages promising more data and faster speeds. But there are tremendous data lags, and sometimes there is just no network! Lack of proper connectivity can hamper your work and ruin your moments of recreation.

Save yourself the frustration – just switch to Airtel broadband.

Why broadband is always better

Regular users of Airtel broadband will tell you that it provides amongst the best plans and the fastest Internet speeds. If you are using a dial-up connection, consider the following reasons to switch to broadband today:

* Connection speeds are much faster, which means you can download heavy files (images, video, audio, presentations, software) in mere seconds instead of waiting for hours.

* Faster speeds make speed-based tasks like gaming an absolute breeze.

* You don’t need a dedicated phone line for broadband Internet. So your phone line is not kept engaged while you surf. Plus, you will never get a busy signal when you connect to the Internet!

* You get unlimited access without being charged on the time duration for which you stayed connected. The charges are based on data consumption.

* Broadband offers cheaper VoIP technology for phone usage.

Switch to Airtel Broadband

Now that you are convinced about trying a broadband connection, we recommend that you get Airtel broadband without further ado. Not only does it have the fastest speeds, it also has superb data plans customised to suit different user preferences.

  • Check the feasibility as per your location in the country
  • Airtel broadband currently has unlimited plans priced at Rs 699 (40 GB/40mpbs), Rs 849 (55 GB/40mbps), Rs 1,099 (100 GB/100mbps) and Rs 1,799 (275 GB/100mbps)
  • Get the unbeatable V-fiber advantage for Airtel broadband, with connectivity at 99% uptime.
  • You can also set up an Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot to connect up to 10 devices at a time.

So tell us, is there another broadband as awesome as Airtel?

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