Are Unwanted Phone Calls Tying up Your Day?

About how often each day does your home or cell phone ring?

If you are like most people, there’s a good chance you’d need more than one hand to count all those calls on a daily basis.

With that in mind, are some or many of those rings turning out to be calls you do not want? If so, you are not alone.

Unwanted phone calls can come in all different forms. From sales pitches to those looking to get financial info, are you at the point where you want the calls to stop?

In the event you answered yes, how best to go about that?

Take Action When Your Phone Continually Rings

So that you are not left with the notion of wondering who called me, you do have some options on the table.

First, are you signed up with the Do Not Call Registry?

That registry is in place to help consumers avoid unwanted calls from salespeople. While some sales pitches may be of interest to you, there’s a good chance the bulk of them will not be. As such, who wants to be picking up their phone time and again and hearing a sales pitch?

Second, did you recently buy something from a business? If so, did you wind up on their mailing or phone lists?

As an example, you buy tickets to see your favorite MLB team play. Once you have purchased the tickets, you may end up getting emails or calls about buying more seats.

While saying you’d like to not get future pitches can work, some people all but refuse to take no for an answer. In those cases, make it clear that you want the sales efforts to stop.

You might also want to research call blocking apps.

Those apps can help you forgo calls from companies and others that will not take no for an answer.

Last, be careful in the first place on those who have access to your phone number.

For instance, you fill out an application for any number of reasons and your phone number is out there. Next thing you know, you get calls from the business whose application you completed.

The bottom line always should be if you don’t want someone having your number, do not provide it in the first place.

Don’t Let Those Calls Impact Your Work

With how important your work is to your survival, you can’t have unwanted calls bothering you on a regular basis.

That said do your best to stay focused on your work responsibilities.

An example of this would be when you run your own small business. You’re going to get calls from current and prospective customers on a daily basis. While that is part of the job, calls from those trying to sell you stuff etc. should not be part of the routine.

In having a most efficient business, be sure distractions are not costing you.

When unwanted phone calls seem to be getting the best of you, dial-in to putting an end to the issue sooner than later.

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