8 Ways To Lead With Your Personal Brand

In the age of information abundance and growing competition, success can only be achieved by building a personal brand that stands out from everyone elses’.

Whether you’re looking to build or develop a career or your own business, you will have to build a brand that people see and remember. This means you need to clearly market yourself to reach your target audience instead of waiting and hoping for the right customers to find you.

In my experience as a business finance advisor and a mentor, I see plenty of people waiting to be discovered for their dream job or for the right investors to find their start-up business. Unless you’re proactive, you’ll probably be waiting a long time, as others who are putting in the effort (and possibly less qualified) overtake you. The key factor for succeeding in business today is in building a successful personal brand.

From my experience helping people improve their positions in both small and big companies, emphasis on personal brand building is crucial. It also requires you to be confident enough to try something new and make use of all your strengths and opportunities to market yourself.

Here are some of the easy ways you can take the lead with your personal brand:

  • Speak at Local Industry Events and Business Premises

Each and every commercial, educational or business organisation is on the lookout for people who can share their expertise, skills, experience and interests with them. You can take advantage of such opportunities by sharing your knowledge within these forums.  Find a way to fill the gap of inexperience between others and put in the required work to make your own presence unforgettable. Slowly, build momentum by appearing on ever larger forums.

Initially, as an introvert, it was exhausting for me to network with my peers. However, after learning the importance of networking in building my personal brand, I became more involved in the process and slowly started enjoying it, as well as reaping the benefits.  Building relationships that bear fruit in the future is at the heart of networking and personal brand building. Almost business community organises and sponsors several community events. Attend these events, listen first, meet people and then dip your toe in speaking yourself.

  • Start Your Own Blog and Write for Newsletters and Industry Forums

The internet is now built on content, and it’s constantly in high demand. This can be a superb opportunity for you to spread word about your brand to your target audience.

With people having so little spare time now there’s a new trend towards shorter blogs and articles rather than lengthy and comprehensive articles. They want to snappy information, not to read a book online. Provide precise information in your blogs and provide solutions to common problems. Being published online will also increase your chances of being invited to speak at events, or being recognized as an outstanding brand. Become the go to hub of knowledge in your niche.

  • Approach Journalists at Networking or Business Events

Journalists at business events are always looking for influential people and content, so they’re unlikely to turn away professionals who approach them at events and conferences. Empower yourself with interesting insights, and don’t be afraid to provide your opinion on recent industry trends. While you’re doing this, be sure that they get your contact info for publication with a follow-up link address.

  • Invite Industry Experts To Your Office or Organize An Event

If you’re struggling to build a brand amongst your peers, learn from other leaders in your niche. This will also help you gather skills you will require later to market your own brand. The industry experts you invite will be impressed, and will remember you.  Such good relationships can be capitalised later.

Apply for awards or recognition for your team.  A lot of people don’t actively look for awards, which is a missed opportunity. Instead, they wait for someone to ask first. Search online and ask trade associations in your field for relevant awards and make a note of the submission dates. Fight to win to make your brand more recognisable, as well as giving your team a much needed boost.

  • Have a Reliable Business Fund Provider By Your Side

Having adequate funds is as important as having fuel in a vehicle. You can’t move ahead if you business lacks the required capital. No matter what type of business or brand you’re trying to build, the importance of having adequate business funds remains paramount.

As a new entity in the market, many brands struggle to maintain good cash flow. In order to maintain financial stability, make sure you have a proper plan to manage your finances. Keeping it short, I would simply suggest alternative business funds such as cash flow finance or invoice finance as they not only provide you with a financial back up but also help you concentrate more on building your brand without worrying about managing cash flow. Look for a trustworthy business fund provider who’ll stay by your side through thick and thin.

  • Build Global Relationships

Building your personal brand isn’t just about being known in your town or city. In a global economy, why not aim to be an authority figure in an international market. Maximise your visibility and relationships locally, nationally and internationally. It’s not just about blowing your own horn and more about being recognised and rewarded for your work. In doing so, you will be remembered by the people who may offer you new opportunities in the future. For providing start-up visibility, you should focus on potential customers, investors and strategic partners.

Successful entrepreneurs work hard to achieve what they want or create the life they want, rather than waiting and hoping that they will be found or recognised.  Incorporate my tips into your brand building strategy and your personal brand will be leading by example, making you an authority figure in your space.

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