5 Simple Software Solutions To Optimize Your Workplace

5 Simple Software Solutions To Optimize Your Workplace

The goal of any business, aside from making money, is to do what they do as best they can, as quickly and easily as possible. Getting to that point – optimum function, minimal time, minimal effort – is no mean feat. There are quite a few ways having the right software can get you a little closer to that goal, I’ll just mention a handful.


Skype is a great tool for business. In-office and inter-office communication is simplified through instant messaging – it’s a lot easier to check back through your messages than to remember everything you were asked to do over the phone. Meetings are a lot easier when they don’t involve travel, thanks to video-conferencing. Obviously we can’t ditch the office phone just yet, and there will definitely still be a need for face to face meetings, but less so.

Maintenance Management

CMMS software is useful in any business, not just companies with lots of machinery or whose job is maintenance. It works well for anything from small companies with a few vehicles, computers and printers to huge factories with hundreds of machines. Rather than manually putting info into several different programs, you can have all maintenance scheduling, work orders, parts orders, invoicing and asset information on one platform, synced across multiple devices, mobile or desktop.


Cloud sharing and cloud storage both make data management a lot easier. Files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and still secure – you need a username and password to access them. Keeping documents in cloud storage means less space worries on your everyday office devices, and your data, and that of your clients, is safe in the event of loss or damage.

Helpdesk Software

Helpdesk software is often utilized by service companies like IT consultants. It’s an effective, efficient communication tool between users and support staff. Users report problems through the helpdesk by opening a ticket, they’re then prioritized and assigned then the ticket closed once the problem is resolved. One popular help desk system is Sysaid.

Invoicing Software

Having invoicing software can save a lot of time and effort. Rather than drawing up spreadsheets, creating invoices and individually emailing each client, invoicing software shortcuts the process. Most systems require minimal input once a client is on the system – you just put in a brief description of the expense and the amount, the software will create an invoice and send it to the client.


Having a shared calendar keeps everyone in the office on the same page. Meetings, events, orders and due dates, if everyone is on the same page, your office will run a lot more smoothly. Shared calendars are easy to create and edit through Google calendar or Outlook.

There are still a fair few people out there who stand by the idea that computers make is lazy, but they also make us much more efficient. Whatever your software needs are, getting the right tools into your office will make your life much easier.

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