3 Reasons to Study Law at Excelsior College

If you’re considering pursuing a degree in one of the many areas of law, Excelsior College may be the school for you. This is especially true if you are short on time or just need to be able to continue to work or take care of family while you learn. And becoming a lawyer is not the only way to work in this field. Consider the job of law enforcement officer, cybersecurity professional, FBI agent, or parole officer. Each of these professions holds its own place in law, and each one comes with its own advantages. But whichever career interests you, here are three reasons you absolutely should study law at Excelsior College.


Excelsior College is a completely online school that offers many degrees in various fields. The flexibility this type of learning environment offers is crucial to some students who don’t have the time to dedicate to a campus experience. It affords them the ability to work on their assignments whenever they have the time instead of during specific class times. And it allows some flexibility because most work will be due by midnight at the end of the course week. Having such an adjustable schedule helps prevent parents from having to sacrifice time with their kids. And it keeps working adults from having to give up their jobs.

But aside from just the flexibility of your learning schedule, a law degree in particular will give you many options in career choices. For example, while Excelsior College does not offer an actual degree in law, such as the J.D. you would need to become a lawyer, they do offer other degrees in the field. A couple of the most popular are cybersecurity and criminal justice. Either of these two degrees can set you on the path to pursuing a graduate law degree or they can help you land a different type of job in the legal field. But if you have your heart set on becoming an attorney, you can start with an undergraduate degree in areas such as business or accounting.


Earning a degree from Excelsior College will cost you far less than one at a lot of other institutions. But tuition and fees aren’t the only areas where you’ll save money. While attending college on campus, you’ll incur costs for housing, meals, parking, and more. And even if you live off campus, you’ll have some of the same costs in addition to the cost of gas to get there every day. Depending on your situation, you might also be out day care fees and other family-related expenses. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to give up any income you might bring in during class time. And if your goal is to become a Denver criminal lawyer, for example, you’ll need this time to save up money for the expenses you’ll have in law school.

This is one of the major advantages people tend to overlook with online learning. You can be studying on the couch while your children play quietly in the next room. And you can even listen to lectures while you’re cooking dinner or carpooling your kids to soccer.

Job security

The job outlook for lawyers alone is good, expected to grow about 8 percent by 2026. And the average salary for most of them is more than $120,000 per year. But other jobs in the field are growing even faster because there’s such a high demand. Many counties are scrambling to find parole, police, or probation officers and even offering hefty bonuses to people willing to take these jobs.

Because these jobs are in such high demand, they’re not likely to go anywhere soon. And that gives people in these professions a lot more job security than others. And most of them also come with much higher pay.

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