3 Essential Features Of Modern Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have been used for years in advertising. In fact, they are so effective that despite the availability of modern advertising strategies, banners are still used. For instance, even if big companies have maximised the use of social media campaigns, they still make use of pull up banners. They understand that there are certain groups of people who won’t be reached if there is only one advertising strategy in place.

Over time, pop up banners have also experienced changes. They have become a lot better. If you have noticed, pop up banners used in the past were easily damaged. They also kept falling apart. Some of them took a really long time to be assembled. Of course, those types of banners still exist now. Hence, it is important to consider these 3 factors when deciding which type of roll up banner to use for your business.


Since you will be using these banners for outdoor purposes, they have to be lightweight. Sometimes, you will be invited to attend exhibitions and you can only send 1 to 2 people. Even if you don’t have enough manpower, the people assigned to do the job must be able to carry the banners and assemble them easily.


Another problem with pull up banners in the past was that they were easily blown by the wind. As a result, they had to be assembled again. If no one is in the area to do it, the banner will remain lying on the floor. This is a major loss for the business. It is a missed opportunity as no one can see the information. Therefore, it helps if the banner is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and other factors. It should also not fade, even if placed outdoors. The colours have to be sharp and crisp so they remain attractive.

Glossy surface

Printing technology has drastically improved in recent years. This means that you no longer have to settle for low quality banners. Since high quality printers have become more affordable, it is easier to find pullup banners that are cheap. Of course, glossy banners are attractive. People can read the information even from afar. It also helps create a positive impression about the business.

Once you have found the right printing company that offers this kind of banner, go ahead and choose that company. Otherwise, you need to keep searching for the company that can satisfy your requirements in terms of quality. Of course, don’t forget to consider your budget. You can’t afford to splurge on one aspect of your advertising strategy only, especially if you have other advertising tools to consider.

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