20 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice

There is no easy way to success and one can only move forward through continuous hard work and determination. Here are some important tips from the wise which will help you in achieving your goals.

There is no set definition of success as people have different perceptions of it. For some, money is the name of success whereas, for others, success is the ability to have a voice that matters and can bring about a change in the world.

Regardless of its definition, it is still a lucrative target and requires a lot of confidence, drive and passion for achieving and then sustaining it. We have combined some of the best pieces of advice from the people who already are an epitome of success. Through these words of wisdom, one can truly understand the meaning of success and the importance of achieving it.

  1. Bill Gates – Microsoft Co-founder

A Harvard dropout, nobody considered Gate to reach this point and form the most successful and valuable company in the world. But he has still managed not to take his success to his head and says that people shouldn’t assume that being successful means that one can’t lose.

  1. Steve Jobs – Apple Inc. Co-founder and late CEO

Even after being fired from his very own company, he never gave up and came back stronger making the company reach greater heights. He was a believer that one should not only look forward but backward too because all the dots connect to make a bright future.

  1. Jack Ma – Alibaba Group Founder and Chairman

Jack Ma’s formula for success is quite easy and it is never giving up no matter what the circumstances are. According to him, his endeavor is not just a job but a dream and he doesn’t care whom it affects in what way.

  1. Jeff Bezos – Amazon.com Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive

Left a great job just to continue with his dream and achieved unbelievable success. He emphasizes on staying customer focused rather than competitor focused because the former is a more pioneering option.

  1. Mark Cuban – Serial Entrepreneur and ‘Shark Tank’ Investor

One can easily infer from Cuban’s words that there is no sure shot way to success and one needs to put in their best effort. One must out think themselves and set higher expectations.

  1. Peter Thiel – PayPal Co-founder/ Clarium Capital Founder and President

The focus should be to present something better to the world instead of staying ahead in the competition. We do get better at the thing which we are competing for but while doing so, we lose the sight of more important and meaningful things in the world.

  1. Richard Branson – Virgin Group Founder and Chairman

Failure is inevitable so instead of sulking on it, one must learn and move forward with greater dedication and determination. No time should be wasted on regret and all the energy should be invested in future projects.

  1. Marissa Mayer – Yahoo CEO

It is okay to be afraid of something but never refrain from doing it because that is the only way of overcoming the fear. If you are not ready to take a plunge, always make sure that you take it because that is how you will grow and learn according to Marissa Mayer.

  1. Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway CEO

Not only has he managed to earn heaps of money but also garnered a decent reputation for himself because of his philanthropic work. He believes that it takes a really long time to establish a reputation which can be destroyed within seconds so one must take each and every step very carefully so that no harm is done to yourself or your ambition.

  1. Jack Dorsey – Twitter Co-founder and CEO/ Square Founder and CEO

Perfection is everything for Dorsey so he keeps working to make his companies better and to achieve more success. But he also believes that one must limit the number of things he is indulged in so that achieving success becomes possible. It is not possible for everyone to become a jack of all trades so they must stick to the things which they are good at.

  1. Steve Wozniak – Apple Inc. Co-founder

Dedication and hard work are necessary but according to Wozniak, loving what you do is equally important. If you have the potential to do what it takes to reach your dreams, nothing can keep you away from your success. At the end of the day, all the hard work, thinking, and waiting will be worth it if you get what you really want.

  1. Marc Andreessen – Serial Entrepreneur and Andreessen Horowitz Partner

Let people acknowledge your work and see the difference you are making to the world. You should be so good in whatever you are doing that no one is able to ignore you.

  1. Eric Schmidt – Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman

Be ready to take challenges and to try everything new which comes your way. Going to different countries, making new friends, and learning new concepts are a few things which must be undertaken by you so that you are not stuck in your own little world.

  1. Barbara Corcoran – Corcoran Group Co-founder and ‘Shark Tank’ Investor

Be likable enough that people cannot say no to working with you. Be honest, charming, lovable, kind, and affectionate so that your executives and your subordinates love you equally.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Co-founder and CEO

There is no success without risk and innovation and that is what Zuckerberg emphasizes on. The biggest risk one can ever take in his life is not taking a risk because the result in such a situation would be undoubtedly a failure.

  1. Tony Hsieh –Zappos CEO

Do what you are best at instead of going towards something which everyone else is doing. Don’t indulge yourself in something for which you do not have a clear understanding even if other people are making heaps of money from it.

  1. Aaron Levie – Box Co-founder and CEO

The key to success is to keep innovating yourself, your ideas, and your company. No matter how great your idea is, it will eventually become outdated so keep bringing newness to it.

  1. Michael Dell – Dell Technologies Founder and CEO

In Dell’s opinion, go after your wildest dreams and do what it takes to make them a reality. It is not necessary to take an advice from anyone instead, you must follow your heart because this way, you will be doing something which you truly want.

  1. Katia Beauchamp – Birchbox Co-founder

Beauchamp emphasizes that a partner is important to share all the pressure and burden and to go steadily towards success. Without a partner, you are left alone with all the pressure and with no one to take care of things in your absence.

  1. Angela Ahrendts – Apple Inc. Senior Vice President

Never forget human emotions while working towards achieving success. There is nothing more important than the relationships and love that surround us.

Success cannot be achieved through sheer luck as one needs to work day and night to prove their mettle. The more difficult task is to sustain your success because one foolish move or a little deviation from your goal can cost you a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Stick to these wonderful words of wisdom from people who have been there and strive to work harder than ever before.

Author’s Bio: The writer of this guest post is Jacob Arch, a CEO, Marketer and an Entrepreneur. He writes on different topics related to technology, business and marketing strategies and currently works at UK Assignment Service.

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