Corporate Video Glasgow: The Rise Of Video Content

January 24, 2017
4 minutes read
Corporate Video Glasgow: The Rise Of Video Content

These days it is essential for a business website to be filled with relevant, professional content and lots of it. Mixing up your content strategy will be your first step to success as you must find a balance between text, images, and video.

Video seems to be the biggest hit with millennial users as it grabs our attention quicker than any other form of content. Are you interested in creating a corporate video for your website? Find out more about the power of video content.

Corporate Video Glasgow

The internet has given smaller businesses global visibility. Thanks to clever strategy and quality videos almost any video has the potential to go viral.

Nowadays our social feeds and notifications are being swapped with video content. Over the past few years’ content sharing has become more popular, the reason why many videos spread so quickly.

Volkswagen’s are the perfect example of a bigger business who are doing video content right as their recent video exploded across the internet reaching almost 155million views!

Corporate Video Glasgow: The Rise Of Video Content

Influence and Video Production Glasgow

Corporate Video Production Glasgow say that there should be “no compromise in quality”, when it comes to corporate videos. Just like the advertisements we watch on our television, corporate videos can influence viewer’s decisions and opinion, this is the main reason why they need to be done professionally.

Did you know that one in three Brits watches at least one video per week that is a total of 20million unique viewers? If you want to keep your users returning to your website, then it is essential that you keep adding fresh and relevant content.This year video content is predicted to make up 69% of all consumer internet traffic – which is a massive amount!

Millennials are well aware of the power of video and statistics are showing that we are tuning into the signals they are sending.

  • 96% of people say that videos help them decide what they are buying.
  • 59% of senior executives would prefer a video brief rather than reading textual information.
  • 70% of people prefer watching videos show a business in a positive light.
  • 73% would purchase a product after watching an explanatory video.

Corporate Video Glasgow: The Rise Of Video Content

Where Do I Start with Video Production?

You may think that video advertisements may be out of your price range, however, even the smallest of business can create content with impact.

Test the waters with your users with DIY content on apps such as apps such as Vine and Periscope. Both of these websites are completely free, making it a cost-effective bit of market research before you go ahead with any paid video production.

Just like you would with your corporate video Glasgow, make sure you are sharing your content on a social media. The statistics have proven that it works, so why not try it out for your business.

The Future of Content Creation

Video content is more popular than ever before and slowly but surely more businesses are investing in its power. If you are looking for the most relevant content strategy in 2017, why not try video production? These videos can also be added to your website and blogs, giving you value for money on social media and your website.